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Himalayan Salt Is A Natural Matter That Is Collected From The Foothills Of The Himalayan Mountains, It Is More Beneficial And The Cleanest Salt Available On The Earth.

It Has Tremendous Nutritional Value, Contains Over 84 Minerals, And Traces Elements, Including Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, And Iron, You Can Use It As A Healthier Option To Processed Salt. So It Does More Than Just Make Your Food Taste Better.

We Strive To Be A Quality Company; Our All-Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Products Are Quality Tested & Certified By International Quality Assurance Agencies.

Crafted With Passion.

We Preserve The Rich Tradition And Handicraft Skills Handed Down From Generations To The Outside World That Is Still Exploring The Hidden Treasures Of Himalayan Traditional Culture.

We Strive To Be A Quality Company; We Are Certified By Leading Quality Assurance Agencies.

Himalayan Décor And Lifestyle Products Are The Perfect Gifts For Your Adored. Mineraali Brings You Authentic, Premium & Handcrafted Himalayan Salt Lifestyle Products, Come From Salt Mines 5,000 Feet Deep Below The Himalayas Mountains.

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